New Year – New books to read…

I keep this blog going really to remind me to read more. And if you’re like me, you probably made a new year’s resolution to read more!

I’ve done some digging, and come up with some books that look like great reads to get me started this year (and a few I’ve still not read that I’m desperate to get round to). I’d love to hear yours, but check these out in the mean time!


1) Flesh and Blood

It’s Chief Medical Examiner Dr Kay Scarpetta’s birthday, and while she’s enjoying a leisurely morning, a man is shot dead five minutes from her house. As Scarpetta investigates, uncovering details that only she can analyze, she begins to suspect that the killer is sending her a message…

2) Station Eleven

DAY ONE. The Georgia Flu explodes over the surface of the earth like a neutron bomb. WEEK TWO. Civilization has crumbled. Moving backwards and forwards in time, from the glittering years just before the collapse to the strange and altered world that exists twenty years after, Station Eleven charts the unexpected twists of fate that connect six people. Station Eleven is a beautiful novel that asks questions about art and fame and about the relationships that sustain us through anything – even the end of the world.

3) Elizabeth is Missing

“One abandoned baby. Two sisters with a secret. One chance to rewrite the past. Over seventy years have passed since sisters Rose and Connie Doughty found an abandoned baby near their home on the island Scribbly Gum. With no one to take care of it, Rose and Connie took the baby in as their own.

“But now, with Connie dead and outsider Sophie Honeywell about to move into her home, Rose begins to wonder if they made the right decision all those years ago. How much longer can they cover up the lie that has sustained their community for generations? And what other secrets are about to be revealed?”

4) The whole Harry Potter series

The films may be more directed towards children, but the books are fantastic. I’ve covered the first few, but I’d love to go back and finish the set.

At some point this year, I’m also determined to explore Russian literature, starting with:

5) Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina

William Faulkner, it’s said, was once asked to name the three best novels ever. He replied: “Anna Karenina, Anna Karenina, Anna Karenina…”

Finally, some non-fiction too…

6) The Life in the Financial Markets: How They Really Work and Why They Matter to You

“An entertaining and comprehensive analysis of the financial markets and the financial services industry. The author gives an expert′s perspective on the debt markets, monetary policies, and quantitative easing, and helps explain the various issues surrounding sovereign debt, the Euro crisis, and austerity versus growth policies.”